Canon imageCLASS X LBP1861

Part #5644C002

Canon imageCLASS X LBP1861: Elevate Your Office Printing

The Canon imageCLASS X LBP1861 revolutionizes printing for office workgroups. Designed as a pivotal component of an organization’s print fleet, it seamlessly combines high-volume, cost-effective printing with ease of use. This series ensures workgroups can achieve more without the burden of high costs or constant maintenance. It promises not just speed but also the flexibility to increase paper capacity as needed.

Secure and Reliable

McAfee Embedded Control for Runtime Intrusion brings security to the forefront, actively protecting the printer against malware and firmware tampering. This feature uses whitelisting to ensure only safe and authorized operations run on the device, offering peace of mind in protecting your data and printing infrastructure.

User-Friendly Operation

Navigating and customizing settings becomes effortless with the series’ 5-Line LCD panel and keypad. This intuitive interface allows direct access to your most utilized features, streamlining the printing process. Customization is at your fingertips, making it simpler to tailor the printer’s functions to suit your group’s specific needs.

Centralized Management Excellence

The compatibility with imageWARE Enterprise Management Console stands out, offering unprecedented control over your Canon printer fleet. This powerful software allows for the centralized management of crucial aspects like consumables, status alerts, meter readings, and configuration settings. By centralizing these operations, managing your print fleet becomes more straightforward and efficient.


The Canon imageCLASS LBP1800 Series not only meets the high-volume printing needs of office workgroups but exceeds them with its security, efficiency, and ease of use. It’s the perfect choice for workgroups that value productivity and security, offering a user-friendly, cost-effective, and secure printing solution. With this series, enhancing your office’s printing capabilities has never been easier or more secure.



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