Customer Portal Help

This page is a dedicated section designed to guide you through the functionalities and features of the customer portal. It includes step-by-step instructions and tutorials to help our customers get access to their accounts and navigate efficiently with 24/7 access to entering service calls, ordering toner & Ink for your copiers or printers, entering meter readings, paying invoices online and more….

Welcome to the Customer Portal’s “How to Use” section. Here, you’ll find resources to help you navigate our new customer portal effortlessly. Dive into our video tutorials for a visual guide or download our detailed PDF manuals for offline reference.

Welcome to the Customer Portal! Follow these steps to access and make the most of our services

  1. Select “Customer Portal” on the main menu and click “Log In”
  2. Use your credentials to login. Don’t have a login account? No problem, watch the “How to create a new account” video below
  3. Login and start using the customer portal
  4. Can’t pay invoices online? Not a problem, email with your customer account # and email address used to login to the customer portal and we will get it activated.

How to Videos

How to Create a New Account

The “How to Create a New Account” video offers a concise guide for easy account setup, providing clear visual steps for a hassle-free registration experience.

Download Instructions

How to Enter a Supply Order

This section is designed to guide you through the process of submitting online supply orders for toner & Ink for your copiers and printers. It provides step-by-step instructions, from initial login to final confirmation and also includes tips for navigating the order form, selecting items, specifying quantities, and reviewing orders before submission. It’s tailored to help you quickly and accurately complete your toner & ink supply orders.

Download Instructions

How to Request for a Service

Want to place a service call for your copier or printer? This guide provides step-by-step instructions on submitting service requests using the 24/7 customer portal. It’s aimed at ensuring you understand the process thoroughly, making it easier and more efficient to get the support or service you need.

Download Instuctions

How to Enter a Meter Reading

The “How to Enter a Meter Reading” section is designed to guide you through the process of submitting meter readings for your copier or printers. This section shows you how to submit the correct meters for the correct equipment. Ensuring accurate and timely billing. It also includes tips on reading different types of meters, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience.

Download Instructions

 How to Pay Invoices Online – Requires additional access

The “How to Pay Invoices Online” section is designed to guide authorized users on how to process online payments. Simply select the invoices you want to pay and follow the steps shown. It aims to simplify the payment process. Please contact with your customer account # and email address used to login to get access to this feature.

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If you encounter any issues with the customer portal you can reach our customer portal support team.

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