Canon imagePROGRAF GP-300 36″ 5

Part #5251C002

Introducing the Canon imagePROGRAF GP-300 36″ 5 Large Format Printer

Discover the Canon imagePROGRAF GP-300 36″ 5, a cutting-edge large format printer that blends technology and creativity. This device is set to change in-house printing across various industries. With its 5-colour ink system plus a unique Fluorescent Pink Ink, the GP-300 delivers vivid and compelling visuals.

Revolutionary Color with Radiant Infusion

At the core of the GP-300’s impressive capabilities lies Canon’s innovative Radiant Infusion technology, a standout feature that sets this printer apart from its counterparts. This advanced technology meticulously layers Fluorescent Pink Ink alongside traditional inks directly onto the paper surface during the printing process. The strategic application of Fluorescent Pink Ink not only enriches the color palette but also enhances the overall visual impact of the printed material.

Ideal for Diverse Settings

The GP-300 suits multiple environments like retail, restaurants, offices, schools, and businesses. Its ability to produce standout large format prints makes it a versatile choice for numerous applications.

 Secure Print

The Secure Print feature ensures that sensitive information remains confidential, ideal for secure environments.

Direct USB Printing

With Direct USB Thumb Drive Printing, you can print easily without a computer, streamlining the process.

Borderless Printing

Achieve a sleek, professional look with Borderless Printing, eliminating the need for extra trimming.

Cost Management with Accounting Manager

The included Accounting Manager software helps manage printing costs effectively. It provides detailed reports for better decision-making regarding print operations.


The 36″ GP-300 is more than a printer. It’s a strategic tool for enhancing visual communication. Its blend of vibrant color output and user-friendly features makes it a valuable addition to any setting looking to impress and inform.



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