Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-4100

Part #3869C002

The Pinnacle of Large Format Printing: Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-4100

The Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-4100, a 44-inch marvel, revolutionizes large format printing with its unmatched image quality and color accuracy. At its core, a 1.28-inch wide, 12-channel integrated compact print head works together with the advanced LUCIA PRO ink set and Chroma Optimizer. This synergy produces vibrant, detailed prints with consistent colors, transforming digital art into tangible masterpieces.

Speed Meets Quality

Speed and quality find a perfect balance in the imagePROGRAF PRO-4100, thanks to the L-COA PRO high-speed image processing engine and a precise mechanical platform. This combination ensures that even the most detailed prints emerge quickly without sacrificing quality. It’s ideal for artists, photographers, and professionals who refuse to compromise on either aspect.

Advanced Media Handling and Security

This printer excels in handling various media types, enabling seamless switches between different paper types and sizes. Its intelligent feeding mechanism supports borderless printing for eye-catching posters and displays. Moreover, the PRO-4100 takes security seriously, introducing robust measures to protect sensitive data. This focus on security makes it a trusted choice for environments where data privacy is a priority.

User-Friendly Design

The imagePROGRAF PRO-4100 stands out for its user-centric design. It simplifies the printing process with intuitive controls and a streamlined interface, making professional printing more accessible and efficient. This printer is an indispensable tool for anyone looking to elevate their printing capabilities, combining ease of use with professional-grade output and reliability.

In essence, the imagePROGRAF PRO-4100 offers a complete package for professional printing needs. It merges exceptional print quality with speed, versatility, and security, all within a design that enhances productivity and safeguards data.



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