Canon imagePROGRAF TM-205 – 24inch

Part #3060C002

Canon imagePROGRAF TM-205 – 24inch: Redefining Large-Format Printing

The Canon imagePROGRAF TM-205 – 24inch Series ushers in a new era for large-format printers, with the TM-205 printer standing at the forefront of innovation. This printer excels in producing not just technical documents, CAD drawings, and GIS maps but also brings to life vibrant posters, eye-catching signage, and dynamic displays. Thanks to Canon’s proprietary LUCIA TD water-resistant pigment ink, every print showcases rich colors and sharp details that endure.

Innovative Technologies for Unmatched Quality

Canon equips the TM-205 with cutting-edge technologies. The printer boasts the 5-colour LUCIA TD pigment ink system, the efficient PF-06 print head, and the swift L-COA PRO image processor. These components ensure top-notch print quality and speed. User-friendly features include an intuitive operation panel, direct USB drive printing, and a flat stacker basket for organized outputs. Moreover, this model operates 60% quieter than its predecessors, enhancing the workplace atmosphere.

Software Solutions for Creative Workflows

The TM Series enhances productivity and creativity through a suite of software. Free Layout Plus allows easy arrangement and customization of layouts before printing. Canon’s cloud portal software, Direct Print & Share, introduces new features for seamless file sharing. Additionally, Poster Artist Lite offers expanded tools and templates for professional poster creation. Tailored for industries like architecture, engineering, and construction, as well as modern offices, the TM-205 is a top choice for quality and efficiency.


With its robust feature set and Canon’s commitment to excellence, the TM-205 represents a significant advancement in large-format printing. It caters to professionals seeking both reliability and superior print quality, marking it as an essential tool in the field.



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