Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE DX 4935i

Part #5971C002AA

The Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE DX 4935i stands as a paragon of office efficiency, meticulously designed to enhance workflow dynamics through its core principles: Simplify, Control, and Evolve. At the heart of its operations lies the revolutionary uniFLOW Online software, a comprehensive solution tailored to streamline document processing and bolster operational efficiencies. This cutting-edge model doesn’t just perform; it excels with a printing speed of up to 35 pages per minute (ppm) and an unmatched scanning capability of 270 images per minute (ipm) at a crisp resolution of 300 dpi. Such specifications not only optimize speed but also ensure the highest quality of output, meeting the rigorous demands of fast-paced business environments.

Underpinning its impressive performance is a Standard Solid-State Drive (SSD), a testament to the device’s commitment to fast, secure, and reliable operations. The SSD technology enhances the system’s responsiveness, significantly reduces boot-up times, and provides a secure platform for storing sensitive information, thereby safeguarding against data breaches and ensuring a smooth workflow.

The Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE DX 4935i also takes a bold step towards sustainability. It incorporates parts made from 100% recycled plastic, reflecting a commitment to reducing the environmental footprint. This initiative not only supports eco-friendly practices but also demonstrates a significant advancement in leveraging sustainable materials in high-performance office equipment.

Ideal for businesses that prioritize the security of sensitive information and the management of printing costs, the 4935i offers comprehensive control features. It enables administrators to monitor and manage document distribution and printing expenditure effectively, ensuring that resources are utilized judiciously. This level of control, combined with the machine’s eco-conscious construction and operational excellence, makes the imageRUNNER ADVANCE DX 4935i a prime choice for organizations aiming to evolve their workflow, enhance efficiency, and contribute to a healthier planet.



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