Canon LX-P5510 Pigment-Based Inkjet Label Printer

Introducing the LX-P5510 Pigment-Based Inkjet Label Printer

Versatile Label Printing Solutions

Discover the LX-P5510 Pigment-Based Inkjet Label Printer, designed to meet your on-demand label printing requirements with precision and efficiency.

Durable Labels for Various Industries

Experience vibrant, long-lasting labels resistant to water, abrasion, chemicals, and UV exposure. The LX-P5510 is suitable for a wide range of sectors, including transportation, warehousing, manufacturing, retail, agriculture, and wholesale packaging.

Flexible Performance for Your Needs

Benefit from fast print speeds of up to 300 mm/11.8 inches per second and support for media up to four inches wide. With an estimated output of approximately 34,000 sheets per ink cartridge set, the LX-P5510 ensures consistent and reliable performance for your printing tasks.

Enhanced Image Quality

Achieve sharp, smudge-free, and fade-resistant prints with 1200 x 1200 dpi resolution. The printer reproduces fine details with clarity and accuracy, making your labels stand out and capturing the attention of your customers effectively.

Optional Accessories for Increased Efficiency

Maximize productivity with optional accessories like the Rewinder and Auto Cutter (sold separately). The Rewinder enables convenient label rewinding for later use, while the Auto Cutter automatically separates labels at your desired intervals, streamlining your printing process.

Environmentally Conscious Printing

Align with sustainability efforts by investing in the LX-P5510 printer. Compliant with EU RoHS and WEEE directives, it reduces hazardous substances and waste products. Its on-demand printing capability minimizes excess label overprints, contributing to waste reduction initiatives.

Upgrade your printing workflow with the LX-P5510 Pigment-Based Inkjet Label Printer and experience superior performance, durability, and eco-consciousness. Elevate your business with efficient label printing solutions tailored to your needs.



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