Canon imageRUNNER C3326i

Part #5965C002AA

Elevate Your Business with Canon imageRUNNER C3326i

Introducing the revolutionary Canon imageRUNNER C3326i, a game-changer for businesses stepping into A3 colour printing or shifting from A3 black and white. This entry-level A3 model mirrors the esteemed features of the Color imageRUNNER ADVANCE DX C3926i, tailored for users not requiring advanced finishing, making it a go-to for enhancing business performance and productivity.

Compact Design and Rapid Print Speed

The Color imageRUNNER C3326i stands out with its fast print speed, ensuring timely document readiness and boosting office efficiency. Its compact design fits any workspace, optimizing valuable space without sacrificing functionality.

Unmatched Security

Advanced security features lie at the heart of the Color imageRUNNER C3326i, safeguarding sensitive information throughout the document lifecycle. With secure printing and access control, it ensures your data’s safety, offering peace of mind.

User-Friendly Experience

The printer’s intuitive interface simplifies navigation, allowing easy access to its functions. This user-centric design ensures that everyone can leverage the printer’s full potential without the need for extensive training.

Ideal for A3 Colour Printing

The Color imageRUNNER C3326i facilitates a smooth transition to A3 colour printing. It allows businesses to produce vibrant, high-quality prints, elevating presentations, marketing materials, and documents.

Eco-Friendly and Cost-Effective

With its focus on sustainability, the printer’s energy-efficient features not only reduce environmental impact but also offer savings on energy bills. This aligns with the increasing demand for eco-friendly business practices.

In conclusion, the Color imageRUNNER C3326i serves as a versatile, secure, and user-friendly A3 colour printer. Its blend of speed, compactness, robust security, and environmental consciousness makes it an unparalleled choice for businesses aiming to upgrade their document management without advanced finishing needs.



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