Lexmark C2335

Part #50M0160

The Lexmark C2335 Printer: Unleashing Exceptional Performance and Security

The Lexmark C2335 printer stands out with its exceptional performance, securely delivering unparalleled productivity. It races through printing tasks at a remarkable speed of up to 35 pages per minute. This efficiency doesn’t come at the expense of toner longevity; the printer boasts impressive toner yields. Expect up to 20,000 pages from the mono toner and up to 11,700 pages for color prints.

Designed for Sustainability

Beyond its speed and efficiency, the C2335 shines in its commitment to sustainability. Engineers have built this printer for a long life, earning it various environmental certifications. It also boasts advanced power management features, highlighting its role as an eco-friendly option for any office.

Superior Print Quality and Ease of Use

Achieve superior print quality from the first page to the last, with a fast time to the first print that keeps workflows moving smoothly. The user interface couldn’t be simpler, thanks to a clean, buttonless touch screen. With just a few taps, users can navigate through tasks intuitively, making complex jobs feel effortless.

Smart Technology for the Modern Office

What sets the C2335 printer apart is its readiness for the Internet of Things (IoT). It comes loaded with sensors that monitor hundreds of data points in real-time. These sensors offer numerous advantages when connected to Lexmark Cloud Services. They enable predictive service, ensuring the printer maintains its peak performance without unexpected downtimes. Additionally, they manage automatic supplies replenishment, removing the hassle of manual toner ordering.

Experience the Future of Printing

Step into the future with the C2335 printer, where speed, efficiency, and smart technology converge to elevate your productivity. Its secure design, combined with easy-to-use features and a commitment to sustainability, makes it the perfect choice for any organization looking to optimize its printing solutions.



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