Lexmark C4352

Part #47C9400

Introduction to Lexmark C4352

The Lexmark C4352 is a pinnacle of printing innovation, designed for mid-to-large workgroups. It focuses on security, usability, and sustainability. This printer combines high-speed performance with eco-friendly features, ensuring a seamless and productive workplace.

Fast and Intuitive Operation

With a printing capability of up to 52 pages per minute*, this device keeps your office’s productivity high. It features a 4.3-inch touchscreen, reminiscent of a tablet. This makes navigation and task completion simple and efficient.

Sustainable Printing Solutions

Sustainability is a key aspect of the Lexmark C4352. It uses Unison™ Toner, which offers high-yield cartridges. These can produce up to 20,000/11,500 black/color pages**, reducing replacement frequency. It’s an eco-conscious choice that also saves money.

Built to Last and Accessible

Durability and accessibility are central to its design. The Lexmark C4352’s touchpoints can handle high usage, ensuring reliability. It meets accessibility standards, making it user-friendly for everyone.

Future-Proof Performance and Security

The Lexmark C4352 stands out as a remarkable example of modern printing technology, intentionally crafted with the future in mind. This cutting-edge device is not just about meeting today’s printing needs; it’s about anticipating the demands of tomorrow. Its design philosophy underscores a commitment to evolution, ensuring that as your business grows and the landscape of digital security shifts, the Lexmark C4352 will remain a steadfast ally in your office’s productivity and data protection efforts.


The C4352 transcends traditional printing. It offers fast, intuitive, and sustainable printing solutions. It’s built to withstand intense use and meet diverse user needs. With its forward-looking security features, it’s an essential tool for any dynamic work environment.



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