Lexmark M3350

Part #38S0520

Introducing the Lexmark M3350: A New Era of Printing

The Lexmark M3350 redefines efficiency and security in the contemporary business landscape. This printer excels with an impressive output capability, delivering up to 50 pages per minute. It merges exceptional performance with a deep commitment to sustainability, featuring environmental certifications and sophisticated power management.

Unmatched Efficiency and Sustainability

Businesses can rely on the M3350 for both high-speed printing and endurance. Its toner can yield up to 31,000 pages, significantly reducing the frequency of replacements. Designed for durability and minimal environmental impact, the M3350 ensures long-term operational excellence.

Smart and User-Friendly

The M3350 shines as an IoT-ready device, equipped with sensors that monitor data points in real-time. Connecting to Lexmark Cloud Services enhances its capabilities, offering predictive maintenance and automatic supplies replenishment. This smart approach minimizes downtime and streamlines supply management.

Ease of Use

Featuring a large, intuitive touch screen, the M3350 simplifies complex tasks. Users can navigate its features effortlessly, making it an ideal choice for any business environment.


The M3350 is more than a printer; it’s a solution designed for businesses aiming for high productivity and sustainability. Its fast printing, superior quality, and smart features make it indispensable for modern organizations. With the M3350, businesses can expect a seamless, efficient printing experience.



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