Lexmark XC6153

Part #42K1313

The Lexmark XC6153: A Compact Powerhouse for Business Productivity

The Lexmark XC6153 color letter/A4 MFP saves space without sacrificing performance, ideal for the modern business environment. It comes equipped with configurable software solutions that smooth out workflows and streamline processes, making operations more efficient.

Professional Color Meets Heavy-Duty Performance

This multifunction printer delivers professional-grade color quality alongside robust processing power. It stands ready to tackle the demands of any business with its expandable input capacity and an inline staple finisher. Such features turn the Lexmark XC6153 into a true business-worthy powerhouse.

Unmatched Production Levels

Achieve production-level performance effortlessly. The device prints up to 52 pages per minute (50 for A4 sizes), ensuring your first page is ready in as little as 7 seconds. With a maximum monthly duty cycle of up to 200,000 pages, it keeps your business’s printing jobs moving smoothly and efficiently.

Key Features at a Glance

– Space-Saving Design: Perfect for businesses looking to optimize their office space.
– Configurable Software Solutions: Tailor the printer’s workflow to meet your unique business needs.
– Professional Color Quality: Produces vivid and sharp color documents that capture attention.
– Heavy-Duty Processing: Handles large print jobs with ease, thanks to its powerful processing capabilities.
– Expandable Input Capacity: Adjusts to your growing business needs, minimizing reload times.
– Inline Staple Finisher: Adds a professional touch to documents without the need for manual stapling.
– Fast Printing Speed: Keeps up with the pace of your business, reducing wait times.
– High Duty Cycle: Designed for heavy use, ensuring reliability even under the most demanding conditions.

With the Lexmark XC6153, your business can enjoy enhanced productivity, streamlined operations, and professional-quality outputs, all from a compact and efficient device designed to meet the challenges of today’s fast-paced business environment.



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