Lexmark XC8163

Part #42K1370

The Lexmark XC8163 color letter/A4 MFP revolutionizes in-house color production printing. It combines affordability with top-notch features. This MFP achieves print speeds up to 60 pages per minute (57 for A4). Its advanced scanning technology, increased input capacity, and options like an inline staple finisher and multi-position staple/hole punch finisher elevate it to production-level status.

Key Features for Professional Printing

Beyond merely offering fast print speeds, the XC8163 is loaded with an array of sophisticated features that significantly enhance its utility. Among these, the optional finishers stand out, meticulously designed to augment the professional appearance of your printed documents. These finishers provide various options for stapling and hole-punching, directly translating to in-house capabilities that were previously only achievable through external print services. This advancement not only streamlines the document production process but also empowers your office to execute high-quality printing projects with ease and efficiency.

Customizable Software for Enhanced Efficiency

The device also offers customizable software solutions. These boost productivity by optimizing workflows and simplifying tasks.

Intuitive Operation for User Satisfaction

A 10-inch class e-Task color touch screen provides a tablet-like interface. This makes operation intuitive, ensuring users can navigate easily and efficiently.

A Smart, Cost-Effective Choice

Included toner cartridges make the XC8163 a wise investment for high-demand environments. Ready to use from the start, it saves on initial costs and adds value.

In summary, the Lexmark XC8163 is an all-in-one solution for businesses seeking to internalize color production printing without compromising on quality or breaking the budget. With its blend of rapid printing, advanced functionalities, ease of use, and cost-effectiveness, it stands out as an ideal choice for enhancing document production capabilities. It ensures satisfaction and efficiency, fitting perfectly into high-usage settings.



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