Lexmark XC9325

Part #32D0550

Lexmark XC9325: A Revolution in Large-Format Printing

The Lexmark XC9325 large-format color multifunction printer excels in transforming office productivity and efficiency. Tailored for large workgroups, it delivers outputs at speeds of up to 25 pages per minute*. This device isn’t just fast; it epitomizes security, usability, and reliability.

Compact and Powerful Design

Unlike its bulkier predecessors, the Lexmark XC9325 showcases a compact and lightweight design. It easily fits into tight spaces without sacrificing the wide range of media input and output options businesses need.

Enhanced Finishing Options

For documents that need a professional touch, the printer offers staple finisher and staple hole punch finisher options. These features ensure your reports and brochures always look polished and professional.

Unmatched Security and Usability

Security takes center stage with the Lexmark XC9325, protecting sensitive information at every turn. It simplifies document routing with built-in workflow solutions like the Scan Center. This tool enables easy scanning and distribution of documents, boosting office efficiency.

Expanding Business Processes

Software alliance solutions enhance the printer’s capabilities, offering capture and printing applications that extend your business processes directly to the device. Whether integrating with existing systems or enabling cloud connectivity, theĀ  XC9325 adapts to your workflow needs.

In summary, theĀ  XC9325 redefines expectations for a large-format color multifunction printer. It combines speed, security, and flexibility, offering a comprehensive solution to advance your business.



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