Lexmark XM3142

Part #29S8150

 Introducing Lexmark XM3142

The Lexmark XM3142 redefines performance and security for small workgroups. It achieves speeds of up to 42 pages per minute*. Its compact design is perfect for limited spaces without compromising efficiency.

Security at Its Core

This device proudly features a Trusted Platform Module (TPM)**. This ensures secure data processing and protection against unauthorized access, a must-have in today’s digital world.

Enhanced Usability and Control

Users enjoy secure print release capabilities, sending documents to the printer and printing them upon arrival. The device qualifies for managed print services (MPS), enabling cost control and operational optimization. Its large touchscreen enhances the user experience, promoting productivity across the board.

Connectivity and Durability

With standard Wi-Fi and mobile support, printing on the go becomes effortless. A steel frame makes the printer durable and reliable, standing up to demanding office use.

Advanced Functionality

The optional Intelligent Storage Drive offers 128 GB of storage and OCR. This feature expands the printer’s capabilities beyond traditional models. The device also features single-pass two-sided scanning and can handle up to 800 pages, streamlining document management.

In summary, the Lexmark XM3142 is not just any printer. It’s a comprehensive tool for small workgroups needing reliable, efficient, and secure document management solutions. With its robust features and flexible options, it meets today’s business demands head-on.



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