Lexmark XM7355

Part #25B1202

The Lexmark XM7355 excels in delivering monochrome output at speeds up to 55 pages per minute, combining efficiency with durability. It’s built to last, featuring long-life imaging components and Ultra High Yield toner capacity. This printer is a powerhouse of productivity and resilience, designed to maximize uptime with its exceptional durability and comprehensive finishing options.

High-Efficiency Operation

At the core of its design, the XM7355 boasts a robust 10-inch class touch screen with an e-Task interface. This feature ensures you stay informed and in control of your printing tasks, whether you’re connecting via Ethernet, USB, or utilizing simple mobile printing options. The intuitive interface simplifies operation, making complex tasks more manageable and enhancing overall workflow efficiency.

Advanced Paper Handling and Durability

The printer’s advanced paper handling technology ensures reliable printing, reducing the likelihood of jams and interruptions. Additionally, a durable fuser extends the printer’s lifespan, while thoughtful engineering considerations improve its serviceability. These features work together to keep the XM7355 running smoothly, ensuring consistent output and minimizing downtime for maintenance.

Environmental Responsibility

Marking a milestone in Lexmark’s commitment to sustainability, the XM7355 stands out as one of the most energy-efficient large-workgroup monochrome products ever developed by the company. It proudly carries an EPEAT® Gold rating and has been ENERGY STAR® (2.0) certified, reflecting its low environmental impact and energy consumption. Choosing the XM7355 not only means investing in a reliable and high-performing printer but also contributing to more sustainable office practices.

In conclusion, the Lexmark XM7355 is engineered for endurance, offering fast monochrome output, long-lasting components, and efficient operation. Its comprehensive set of features ensures that it meets the demands of busy workgroups, emphasizing durability, serviceability, and environmental responsibility. With the XM7355, businesses can enjoy high-level productivity without compromising on quality or sustainability.



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