Lexmark XM7355B

Part #25B1215

The Lexmark XM7355b leads in monochrome printing technology. It boasts speeds up to 55 pages per minute. Designed for durability, it features long-life imaging components and Ultra High Yield toner. This design promotes longevity and efficiency, cutting down on frequent maintenance and toner changes.

Intuitive Operation and Connectivity

A 10-inch class touch screen with the e-Task interface provides easy control. Whether connecting via Ethernet, USB, or mobile printing options, this screen ensures you stay informed and in charge of your printing tasks. The user-friendly interface streamlines workflow and simplifies printing operations.

Robust Paper Handling and Durability

The XM7355b boasts advanced paper handling technology, reducing printing disruptions. A durable fuser supports the printer’s longevity, and smart engineering improves its serviceability. Together, these features guarantee reliable performance and long-lasting use.

Eco-Friendly Performance

Earning EPEATĀ® Gold and ENERGY STARĀ® (2.0) certifications, the XM7355b stands out as Lexmark’s most energy-efficient large-workgroup monochrome printer. It showcases Lexmark’s commitment to reducing environmental impact and conserving energy.

In conclusion, the Lexmark XM7355b stands out as a powerhouse in the realm of monochrome printing, skillfully blending unparalleled speed with remarkable durability. Its innovative features are tailored to meet the rigorous demands of modern businesses, pushing the boundaries of what is expected from a high-performance printer.

Unmatched Printing Speed

First and foremost, the XM7355b impresses with its ability to deliver documents at a rapid pace of up to 55 pages per minute. This capability ensures that high-volume printing tasks are completed efficiently, keeping pace with the dynamic needs of busy work environments. The speed of the XM7355b dramatically reduces waiting times, boosting overall productivity and workflow



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