Sharp BP50C31 Color MFP

Part #BP50C31

Introducing the Sharp BP50C31 Color MFP

The Sharp BP50C31 Color MFP Document Systems, featuring the innovative BP50C26, BP50C31, and BP50C36 models, lead the charge in business technology solutions. These advanced systems combine intuitive operation with sophisticated technology, offering businesses a clear path to digital transformation.

User-Friendly Design

A standout feature, the intuitive touchscreen interface, allows users to manage complex tasks effortlessly. The customizable 10.1″ display not only enhances user interaction but also enables businesses to adapt the system to meet their unique needs, optimizing workflow directly from the screen.

Boosting Productivity

Sharp has engineered these models with cutting-edge technology to enhance workplace efficiency. The rapid, 100-sheet single-pass feeder exemplifies this, speeding up scanning and copying to keep businesses moving forward without delay. This efficiency is crucial for maintaining smooth and continuous document workflows, promoting a culture of productivity and teamwork.

Cloud Connectivity

The systems’ seamless cloud integration ensures that users can access documents anytime, anywhere. This flexibility supports a modern work environment where agility and remote access are paramount. By enabling easy storage, sharing, and retrieval of files via the cloud, Sharp supports collaborative and dynamic business operations.

Security and Sustainability: A Dual Focus

Sharp also prioritizes data protection and environmental sustainability. Advanced security features protect sensitive information against threats, ensuring businesses can operate with peace of mind. Eco-friendly design principles guide the construction of these systems, minimizing waste and energy use. This approach allows businesses to secure their operations while also committing to environmental responsibility.


The Sharp Essentials Series, with its BP50C26, BP50C31, and BP50C36 models, is an essential toolkit for businesses navigating the digital landscape. By emphasizing user-friendly design, productivity, cloud connectivity, and a commitment to security and sustainability, Sharp equips enterprises to face future challenges confidently.



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