Sharp BP70C55 Color MFP

Part #BP70C55

Sharp BP70C55 Color MFP: Revolutionize Your Document Handling

The Sharp BP70C55 Color MFP sets a new standard in document processing with its 300-sheet duplexing single-pass feeder. It not only scans up to 280 images per minute but also identifies double feeds, ensuring a smooth and reliable scanning process.

Adaptable Paper Handling
This machine stands out for its flexible paper handling capabilities. It supports media up to 300 gsm, enabling you to print on a broad array of paper stock or media. Whether it’s regular office paper or thicker card stock, the BP70C55 handles it with ease.

Innovative Folding Options
The introduction of the new Inner Folding Unit is a game changer. With a variety of fold patterns available, including tri-fold and z-fold, your documents will not just be printed but also prepared for distribution in the format you need.

Smart Controller Design
A smart controller design is at the heart of the BP70C55, keeping the MFP firmware up to date by periodically checking for updates. This proactive approach ensures your machine is always running the latest software, enhancing performance and security.

Instant Readiness with Walk-Up Motion Sensor
The built-in walk-up motion sensor is a standout feature, detecting approaching users and waking the machine instantly. It’s ready for use within seconds, dramatically reducing wait times and enhancing productivity.

Seamless Collaboration with Cloud Services
Collaboration with hybrid workers becomes effortless thanks to integration with popular cloud services like Microsoft Teams, Google Driveā„¢, and Dropbox. This feature enables seamless file sharing and accessibility, ensuring your team stays connected, regardless of their location.



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