Sharp BP70C65 Color MFP

Part #BP70C65

Experience Unmatched Efficiency: Sharp BP70C65 Color MFP

Discover the future of office productivity with the Sharp BP70C65 Color MFP. This revolutionary color document system is perfect for modern business needs. It scans at an unmatched speed of 280 images per minute (ipm). Equipped with a 300-sheet duplexing feeder, it quickly processes large documents. As a result, it boosts workplace efficiency and meets today’s fast-paced business demands.

Elevate Security to New Heights

The BP70C65 prioritizes security alongside its speed. It features Bitdefender antivirus and robust multi-layered protection. These features ensure the safety of your sensitive data. With these advanced protections, you can trust that your information is secure against digital threats.

Enhance Collaboration and Productivity

The BP70C65 also promotes collaboration and boosts productivity, especially in hybrid workplaces. Its 10.1″ customizable touchscreen provides easy access to cloud services like Microsoft Teams. With wireless LAN support, it fosters smooth teamwork, regardless of location. This feature keeps workflows efficient and teams productive.

Commit to Eco-Friendly Practices

The BP70C65 is dedicated to sustainability. It boasts ENERGY STAR® 3.0 certification for minimal environmental impact. This helps reduce your office’s carbon footprint and energy costs. Its ability to print on a wide range of media up to 300 gsm adds flexibility. This means you can meet your printing needs while being eco-friendly.

A Wise Investment in Your Business’s Future

The Sharp BP70C65 is more than a printer. It’s a smart choice for the future of your business. By choosing the BP70C65, you improve your office’s productivity and security. You also support sustainable operations. Choose the BP70C65 to advance your business with a tool that matches the efficiency, security, and environmental standards of today’s workplace.



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