Sharp BP70M45 B&W MFP

Part #BP70M45

The Sharp BP70M45 B&W MFP: Seamless Collaboration and Unmatched Security

The Sharp BP70M45 B&W MFP stands out by immediately responding to user presence, thanks to its advanced walk-up motion sensor. This innovative feature swiftly wakes the machine as soon as it detects an approaching user, making it ready for action in seconds. This immediate responsiveness eradicates wait times, streamlining workflow and boosting productivity across the workspace.

Versatile Cloud and Mobile Connectivity

This cutting-edge device revolutionizes how workers connect and collaborate, offering direct access to an extensive range of cloud services. It effortlessly connects to mobile devices, ensuring team members can share and access information anytime, anywhere. This capability bridges the gap between physical and digital workspaces, fostering a more integrated and flexible working environment.

High-Efficiency Document Processing

The BP70M45 shines in document management with its 300-sheet duplexing single-pass feeder. This powerful feature not only supports high-volume tasks but also prevents double feeding, ensuring smooth and efficient scanning of up to 280 images per minute. Businesses dealing with extensive documentation will find this feature invaluable, as it significantly reduces processing time and boosts accuracy.

Uncompromising Security for Hybrid Work Environments

Sharp prioritizes security in the design of the BP70M45, integrating the latest technologies to shield endpoint devices from potential threats. This approach ensures robust protection of sensitive information against unauthorized access, crucial for maintaining integrity and confidentiality in hybrid work settings.


The Sharp BP70M45 transcends the ordinary, merging intuitive operation with powerful functionality. Its quick-response motion sensor, seamless cloud and mobile integration, efficient document processing, and stringent security measures make it a must-have for businesses aiming for top-tier efficiency, productivity, and security. This device is more than just a multifunctional tool; it’s a cornerstone for modern, dynamic workplaces.



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