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Managed IT Services from innov8 Digital Solutions

Office technology is always changing, so managing and maintaining your office equipment and IT infrastructure can feel like a full-time job. That’s why innov8 offers comprehensive IT Services tailored to each client’s specific needs. Whether it’s your email software or setting up secure networks and multifunction copiers, the team at innov8 knows how to get you started and keep you up and running.

It doesn’t matter if your business has 5 computers or 100 computers, your entire team requires efficient and attentive IT staff available to resolve current IT issues and plan for future needs. innov8’s proactive approach eliminates the hassles that come along with managing technology in your organization, so you can focus on running your business.

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Our goal is to provide your business with productive IT solutions that provide a solid foundation for future growth or change.

Managed IT Services in 3 Easy Steps

Let our team make it easy for you to get the best possible custom Managed IT service. Why custom? Simply put, a real estate brokerage in Kelowna will have vastly different needs from a walk-in clinic in Victoria.

With innov8, help is just a phone call away and we will keep your team running as efficiently as possible while minimizing lost productivity time.


FREE IT Infrastructure Assessment

We take an inventory of your existing hardware and systems, including things like your internet modems, computers, and software. We will also make notes about how your team operates and what needs and challenges they face with the IT infrastructure

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Custom Managed IT Service Plan

Once we’ve completed our infrastructure assessment, we can create a plan that meets your organization’s needs.

Integrity is very important to us and we are committed to recommending plans and programs that deliver value for your business.

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Knowledgeable IT Experts at Your Fingertips

Full access to our help/service desk, remote support, antivirus protection, remote monitoring and management, quarterly IT reviews and much more.

We will keep your team running as efficiently as possible while minimizing lost productivity time.

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Our Managed IT Services

Antivirus, workstation security, and endpoint protection for businesses of all sizes.

Professional Plans & Services
On-Site & Remote Support
Data Backup & Disaster Recovery
Emergency Services
Cyber Security & Anti-Virus Protection
Team Training & Quarterly Reviews
Expert Help/Service Desk

Software Solutions

Software and maintenance to push your company to the next level.

Office 365
PaperCut MF
uniFLOW Online

innov8've Managed IT Service Plans

innov8 offers your company complete management of your infrastructure for a monthly fee per workstation/server.

One price for unlimited IT service, just choose one of the three following services

Managed IT Services Complete Care Light Complete Care Full Complete Care Premium Optional Core Services
Help / Service Desk
Remote Support
Antivirus & Workstation Protection
Workstation & Server Performance & Tuning
24/7 Remote Monitoring & Management
Quarterly IT Reviews
Vendor Management
Windows Patching
Complete Security Package
Complete Data Backup & Recovery
After Hours Support
On-Site Support
Project Management

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Stay Up To Date. Let's innov8.

Let’s save your business time and money

As an industry leader in office technology, innov8 Digital Solutions is always working to make your business more effective and efficient. Managed Print Services allow you to monitor and control your business printing, helping you save money, decrease your environmental footprint, and improve your document security.

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How Managed Print Services Work


Step 1: The Free MPS Assessment
innov8 Digital Solutions will conduct a free infrastructure assessment to determine your business needs and printer usage. We will take an inventory of your existing hardware and software systems and assess how your team operates and which challenges they face with their current systems. The free assessment will also provide a review of current print usage and associated costs.


Step 2: Create a Managed Print Service Plan
Using the data gathered during your free assessment, the innov8 team will create a plan that is designed to reduce costs and allows you to effectively manage the print devices across your network. Programs typically include service, maintenance, and the impeccably-timed delivery of consumables like ink and toner.


Step 3: Let innov8 Help you Innovate
When you choose innov8 Digital Solutions’ Managed Print Service, you’re choosing efficiency and peace of mind. We can track your print usage and send your toner and ink so that it arrives as you need it, so you never run out and you never over-order. We can even let you know if your printer usage changes and if a new system may be a better fit for your business.

Expert Tech Service keeps you up and running

How much time is wasted fighting with a faulty machine each year? If it takes five minutes to clear a paper jam, and the copier gets jammed three times per week, that’s 13 hours per year spent fixing a malfunctioning machine. Lucky for you, innov8 employs personable, skilled technicians in locations across British Columbia so that help is always just a phone call away. Let us take care of your office equipment servicing and maintenance so that you can spend your time taking care of business.

View real-time printer data with MPS

Is your team’s printer and copier usage out of control? When your office’s printer usage isn’t being monitored, it’s easy to click ‘print’. Unfortunately, these small costs add up and you could be losing thousands of dollars on unnecessary prints and costly toner and ink each year. With Managed Print Services, you can check your usage and make adjustments to save money, time, and reduce your environmental impact.


Did you know? One of our clients saved $30,000 in their first year after switching to innov8 Digital Solutions and implementing our Managed Print Services.

24/7 Expert Help Desk Support

innov8 Digital Solutions is more than printers, scanners and copiers; we offer dedicated IT Support too! Ask us about our Managed IT Services and how you can get dedicated tech support for everything from your emails to your servers and more.


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Helping your business thrive with innov8've services

You have enough going on in your day-to-day operations and the last thing you need is another software program or piece of office equipment to manage. That’s where FMAudit comes in. This Managed Print Services software fully integrates into your environment and automatically submits reports for copies, prints, scans, and toner usage. It also allows our team to collect accurate meter readings and receive service alerts and supply alerts.

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This is how FMAudit saves you time and money


1. Usage reports for prints, scans, copies, and toner
FMAudit is a real time monitoring software that helps to track the quantity and frequency of prints, scans, and copies in your office. Using this data, we can work with you to find efficiencies that reduce the amount of paper and toner used in your organization, save you time, and reduce your environmental footprint.


2. Accurate, timely meter readings performed automatically
You have better things to do each month than to email us your printer’s meter readings. With FMAudit, the team at innov8 Digital Solutions receives accurate meter readings automatically. Of course, accurate meter readings also means that you are billed correctly and that human error doesn’t result in surprise invoices.

Better service and reduced down-time

Managed Print Services software is designed to reduce costs and inconvenience. With FMAudit installed, your machines will send service alerts and error codes directly to innov8, where our experienced technicians can assess your needs and then schedule a service appointment as needed. That means fewer breakdowns and lost productivity!

FMAudit is private and secure

FMAudit is designed for Managed Print Services, prioritizing meter readings, service calls, and supply management. The data sent to innov8 includes information such as current meters, toner levels, serial number and the date and time. We can’t see what your team is printing, only when and how often.


Did you know? Managed Print Services from innov8 Digital Solutions can save your company as much as 30% each year.

Expert Help Desk Support

innov8 Digital Solutions also offers dedicated IT Support services. Whether you need help with Office 365 or you’re troubleshooting a network issue in your office, help is just a phone call away when you trust the experts at innov8.


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innov8 Digital Solutions understands that good business comes in many forms, which is why we offer short-term rentals for office equipment such as printers, copiers, and scanners. We offer quick approvals and turnaround times to get your office space up and running ASAP.


Contact us for Short-Term office equipment rentals

Printer and copier rentals for startups, events, and projects

There are a variety of scenarios where short-term rentals make good business sense. A short-term rental offers the same trusted products and expert technicians that innov8 is known for, but with added flexibility.


Short-term rentals are a popular choice for:

  • Construction and engineering projects
  • Development projects and real estate sales
  • Trade shows, conferences, and seminars
  • Film productions and visual arts projects
  • Sporting events and tournaments
  • Tax season, year-end reporting, and audits
  • Tech startups and business launches

Short-term rentals offer convenience and scalability

A short-term rental shouldn’t mean a sacrifice in quality or customer service. At innov8 Digital Solutions we believe in integrity, which means finding you the best solution for your needs. Our short-term rental programs require a smaller up-front investment with the option to upgrade to a long-term lease or upgrade your equipment should your needs change. We also deliver and install your copiers, printers and scanners, and offer training so that you feel confident and ready to take on the world.

Industry-leading service technicians and reliable products

Every client’s needs are different, which is why we offer a wide selection of printers and copiers, including colour and black and white models. Our multifunction printers also include the ability to copy, scan, and fax. And with 7 locations across B.C., help is always just a phone call away, with experienced technicians ready to help troubleshoot, repair, and service your office equipment.


Did you know? innov8 Digital Solutions offers short-term printer, copier, and scanner rentals with terms from three days to 1 year.


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Is your multifunction printer in good working order?
Do you have a fax machine that hasn’t been used in 9 months?

Printer usage and associated costs can comprise as much as 3-5% of a business’s annual expenses, yet it’s often one of the last places we look to for cost savings. innov8 Digital Solutions is an industry-leader in office equipment and technology, and our decades of experience and thorough assessments save our clients time and money while reducing their environmental impact.

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What’s included in our Free Office Assessment report


1. An updated inventory of existing equipment
We will begin by creating an inventory of your existing office equipment and its current condition. innov8 will note the manufacturers and models for each of your printers, copiers, multifunction printers, and scanners. Your equipment compatibility, age, network capability and condition will be taken into account as we look for ways to reduce your printing costs and improve efficiency.


2. Current usage rates for prints, scans, copies, and toner
The innov8 team will pull usage reports for your office equipment, looking for trends in the frequency and timing of printer use. We will also check your inventory and see who is ordering toner when, and if there is a more efficient way to ensure that you are only paying for what you need.


3. Recommendations for reduced costs and increased efficiency
Most businesses have too many devices that are poorly located and expensive to operate. The innov8 Office Assessment includes recommendations based on our assessment of your equipment and interviews with staff to determine what technology is needed and where it should be located for maximum productivity.

Better service and reduced down-time

Managed Print Services software is designed to reduce costs and inconvenience. With FMAudit installed, your machines will send service alerts and error codes directly to innov8, where our experienced technicians can assess your needs and then schedule a service appointment as needed. That means fewer breakdowns and lost productivity!

Are outsourced print costs hurting your bottom line?

Do you regularly print posters, flyers, brochures, drawings or blueprints? Depending on your industry and the nature of your work, you may be incurring regular outsourced printing costs.


We recently installed a reliable, multi-function printer in a real estate office. This printer allows the realtors to print high-quality brochures and flyers in-house, saving them thousands of dollars per year.


Did you know? As much as 80% of printer cartridges are thrown out and the number of cartridges in the landfill could circle the planet three times. Ask us about our cartridge recycling program.

Book your Free Office Assessment today!

innov8 Digital Solutions offers free office equipment assessments and IT assessments to help you find innov8've ways to save time and money using the latest technology.


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We have all of the ink and toner

you need for your business.