Canon imagePRESS V700

Part #5765C028AA

Elevating Production: The Canon imagePRESS V700

Designed for light and medium volume production, the Canon imagePRESS V700 impressively combines productivity, stable color consistency, and remarkable automation. Specifically engineered to boost your efficiency and maintain high-quality output, this series ensures your operations are both fast and flawless.

Enhancing Productivity: High-Productivity Mode

A key feature of the Canon imagePRESS V700 is its default High-Productivity Mode. This ensures operations maintain peak efficiency, enabling more work to be completed without compromising on quality. Consequently, it becomes an essential asset for keeping up with the demanding pace of today’s print environment.

Precision in Color: Inline Spectrophotometers

Furthermore, the Inline Spectrophotometers (ILS) revolutionize color management by providing repeatable and precise colors with just a simple press of a button. As a result, your workflow is streamlined, and every print meets the highest standards of quality.

Achieving Unmatched Precision: Compact Registration Technology

Moreover, the Compact Registration Technology offers unparalleled accuracy, ensuring pinpoint front-to-back alignment. This makes the Canon imagePRESS V700 perfect for critical print jobs, including booklets, business cards, and direct mail pieces, where precision is paramount.

Expanding Opportunities: Specialty Media Support

Additionally, the series’ support for specialty media allows you to explore high-margin opportunities. By catering to the most critical customers and expanding your portfolio with creative and innovative applications, you open new avenues for business growth.

Conclusion: A New Era of Printing

In summary, the iCanon imagePRESS V700 not only promises efficiency and color consistency but also encourages the exploration of new business opportunities. With its advanced features and capabilities, it positions you to meet client demands and stay competitive in the dynamic world of printing.



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