Canon LX-D5500 Dye-Based Inkjet Label Printer

Part #4974B003AA

Introducing the Canon LX-D5500 Dye-Based Inkjet Label Printer

Versatile Applications

Experience the Canon LX-D5500, a dye-based inkjet label printer designed to meet diverse industry needs. Ideal for manufacturing, retail, transportation, warehousing, and administrative services, it delivers vibrant, high-quality color labels on demand. From food and beverage packaging to pharmacy instructions, its versatility shines through.

High-Performance Printing

With print speeds up to 200 mm/7.9 inches per second and a first print out time of 10 seconds or less, the LX-D5500 enhances productivity. Additionally, its swift operation facilitates efficient label production, assisting in meeting stringent deadlines and optimizing workflow procedures.

Reliable and Flexible Design

The LX-D5500 accommodates media up to four inches wide, supporting both roll or fanfold paper, and matte or glossy paper options. Additionally, with nine pre-set speed options, it offers flexibility tailored to specific requirements. Its durable, solid-body construction guarantees longevity, boasting a product life of six million sheets/five years and an estimated output per cartridge set of approximately 45,000 sheets.

High-Quality Print Results

Experience outstanding image quality with the LX-D5500’s high-resolution 1200 x 1200 dpi output. Its dye-based inks produce vivid, colorful prints, perfect for capturing customer attention and enhancing product visibility. Furthermore, the printer ensures sharp imagery of high-density barcodes and small text, delivering professional-grade results.

Optional Rewinder Accessory

For higher-volume production environments, consider the optional rewinder accessory. This accessory, sold separately, allows for easy rewinding of printed labels for future use, further enhancing efficiency and workflow management.

Environmental Considerations

Compliant with EU RoHS and WEEE directives, the LX-D5500 prioritizes sustainability by reducing hazardous substances and waste products. Moreover, its on-demand label printing functionality minimizes overprinting of excess labels, contributing to sustainability efforts by reducing unnecessary waste.

In conclusion, the Canon LX-D5500 Dye-Based Inkjet Label Printer sets a new standard for excellence in label printing. Its unparalleled performance, reliability, and quality make it the ideal choice for businesses seeking to elevate their labeling experience. Unlock your creativity and streamline your workflow with the LX-D5500.



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