Canon PlotWave 3500

Part #4265C001AA

The Canon PlotWave 3500: Redefining Large-Format Printing

The Canon PlotWave 3500 revolutionizes large-format printing with its user-friendly operation and smart technological advancements. This model excels in streamlining collaborative efforts, setting a new standard in printing solutions with its unparalleled secure, personal inbox printing capabilities.

Enhanced Security and Control

Robust user authentication mechanisms safeguard sensitive documents in the PlotWave 3500, ensuring access only to authorized personnel. This feature not only provides users and budget managers with peace of mind but also allows for effective activity control. It enables administrators to manage printing tasks efficiently, sticking to budget allocations and judicious resource use.

Intelligent ClearConnect Software

The ClearConnect software suite stands out by offering live print previews. This functionality allows users to make accurate adjustments before finalizing prints, drastically cutting down on misprints and enhancing output quality. The ability to anticipate and fix potential layout or design issues before printing elevates precision in large-format printing.

Streamlined Workflow with Publisher Express

Publisher Express complements the PlotWave 3500 by enabling direct web-based file submission. This feature streamlines the printing process, letting users submit files from anywhere, thus boosting workflow efficiency and productivity. The combination of direct submission and personal inbox features ensures smooth and timely project progression.

Preventing Misprints for Environmental and Cost Efficiency

The PlotWave 3500 directly addresses common large-format printing challenges by minimizing misprints. This conservation of time, paper, and toner not only supports environmental sustainability but also reduces operational costs. The printer’s design and feature set make it the go-to choice for businesses looking to optimize printing operations without sacrificing security or quality.


The PlotWave 3500 is more than just a printer; it’s a holistic solution designed for modern, collaborative, and security-conscious workspaces. By blending user-friendly design with intelligent features and robust security, the PlotWave 3500 stands ready to transform efficiency and security standards in large-format printing.



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