Lexmark C4342

Part #47C9300

Introducing the Lexmark C4342

The Lexmark C4342 stands as a pinnacle of engineering. It’s crafted for mid-to-large workgroups that demand professional-grade color printing. This printer blends security, usability, and sustainability seamlessly. It meets today’s fast-paced work needs and anticipates future demands. This ensures a lasting investment.

Exceptional Color and Speed

The C4342 delivers standout color prints, enhancing document quality. It’s perfect for reports, presentations, and marketing materials. With speeds up to 42 pages per minute, it keeps productivity high.

User-Friendly Design

The C4342 features a 4.3-inch touchscreen for easy navigation. Its design simplifies printing tasks, letting users focus on their work.

Sustainability and Efficiency

This printer stands out for its sustainability. High-yield cartridges reduce waste and replacements. Unison™ Toner ensures quality and efficiency, lowering the environmental impact.

Robust Security

Security is key in the C4342. It safeguards sensitive information, making it suitable for secure environments.

Future-Ready and Scalable

The C4342 is scalable, adapting to growing business needs. This future-readiness makes it a valuable tech asset.


The Lexmark C4342 is more than a printer. It’s a comprehensive solution designed for mid-to-large workgroups. It offers professional-grade printing with security, ease of use, and sustainability. The C4342 redefines workplace printing, making it vital for quality, efficiency, and security-focused organizations.



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