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We offer short-term rentals such as printers, copiers, and scanners

Whether you need office solutions for a startup, event, project-based office, or something else entirely, our team has your back with trusted technology and best-in-class customer service and tech support.

Printer and copier rentals for startups, events, and projects

innov8 Digital Solutions understands that good business comes in many forms, which is why we offer short-term rentals for office equipment such as printers, copiers, and scanners. We offer quick approvals and turnaround times to get your office space up and running ASAP.

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There are a variety of scenarios where short-term rentals make good business sense. A short-term rental offers the same trusted products and expert technicians that innov8 is known for, but with added flexibility.

Convenience & Scalability

Why Rent Office Equipment?

Construction jobsites, projects, seasonal work require all the necessary tools to operate. Why settle for small home office equipment or spending hours running to copy shops? innov8 rents the latest office equipment and technology to meet your business needs, saving you time and money.

Save time. Save Money. Stay Secure.

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Make smart decisions. innov8 helps businesses operate more efficiently, with secure and easy-to-administer office technology and digital solutions. Save time and money and boost security with innovative technology that you can use at your workplace, at home, or remotely. innov8 partners with and has more than 40 years of experience with leading industry brand names. We also have experience working with business development, structure, solutions and services. We are uniquely qualified to help you bridge the gap so that your office operates like a well-oiled machine.